Ute Tent size guide

See below for a variety of Australian Utes shown with a Ute Tent in the tray. Utes shown include Hi Lux, Triton, BT-50 and Colorado LTZ.

*Refer to Manufacturers specifications for confirmation of tray sizes as tray sizes may differ to what is shown. Sizes taken from Carsales.com.au  https://www.carsales.com.au/editorial/details/4wd-dual-cab-ute-comparison-payload-and-dimensions-54513/

Check out our YouTube video here to see how the Ute Tent fits on a 2015 Ford Ranger dual cab

For any questions on sizing please contact us via our live chat. 
Hi Lux on a Ute tent

Hi Lux Dual Cab




Triton on a UTE TENT 

Triton Dual Cab





Mazda BT-50

Colorado with ute tent 

Mazda BT-50

Just remember the Ute Tent has been made with adjustable straps which allows the width and depth of the tent to be adjustable to suit your Ute..